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Lure Of The Labyrinth
Online Pre-Algebra Game - Grades 5-8
Lure of the Labyrinth is an online pre-algebra middle school math game developed to reach today's tech-savvy students in a contemporary new way. The latest research in game theory and cutting-edge design was used to produce a powerful, free learning tool to help all students learn regardless of their math ability.

Math By Design
Algebra I and II Online Interactives - Grades 6-10
Students become virtual junior architects of two interactive environments, Flossville Town Park and Windjammer Environmental Center, to build a skateboard ramp, cover a picnic area, dig out a pond and more.  As students work their way through mind-boosting challenges, they use critical thinking and problem solving skills to increase their knowledge of geometry and measurement concepts.  Real-life Math in Action videos embedded in the interactive demonstrate how math is used in everyday life from decorating cakes to designing landscapes or creating beautiful sculptures.

Interactive Game - Grades 6-8
Give students a ticket to ride!  ProportionLand invites middle school students to reason their way through eight brain-boosting interactive attractions at a virtual amusement park. As students hop on and enjoy the rides, they explore and apply proportional reasoning skills to solve a variety of science-based, real world problems. Follow the “5E” learning cycle―to engage, explore, explain, extend and evaluate―roller coasters, an electric car, a parachute drop and more to gain a deeper understanding of distance, weight, balance, energy, and force.

Rock-N-Roll Road Trip World Tour
Interactive Game - Grades 6-8
Let your students get their passports and pack their bags!  Rock-N-Roll Road Trip World Tour lets your students and their bands jet off on a rock-n-roll world tour to five high-spirited cities to solve real-life problems using measurement, ratio, fractions and proportion.  Learn the relationship between music and math and how to build a concert stage while traveling through Barcelona, London, Paris, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo.

Scale City
Interactive Simulations - Grades 6-8
Let you students escape for a day!  Take them on a virtual road trip through Kentucky to learn about the mathematics of scale as you explore eight exciting roadside attractions, including the Louisville Slugger Museum, a chicken festival, and a horse park.  A short video field trip and an engaging, interactive simulation at each stop along the road help students understand proportional reasoning in real-world applications.