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American Masters
Artist Bibliographies (Art and History) - Grades 6-12
The American Masters documentaries examine the lives, works and creative processes of our most outstanding cultural artists.  From Charlie Chaplin to The Doors to Billie Holiday, American Masters teaches what culture and art means to America.  The site includes detailed lesson plans about how you can use the documentary films for units in the classroom.  All the lessons meet multiple standards and show students why the arts matter.
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Antiques Roadshow
Material Culture and History - Middle/High School
Antiques Roadshow can be used to teach students about material culture and how tangible things can give insight on the culture of a society and what items they considered important.  Each episode reaches NCSS standards and can be used in different curriculums.
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Great Performances
Performing Arts - Grades 4-12
Great Performances is a television program that represents all aspects of the Performing Arts.  Lesson plans with video clips can give your students an exciting look into the performing arts.  Plays of the famous novels, such as Hamlet, classical music performances, like Peter & the Wolf, and music festivals, like Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival, can all come alive in your classroom!
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Independent Lens
All Subjects - Grades 7-12, college students
Independent Lens is a series of independent documentaries and dramas with subjects ranging from the Vietnamese population in Versailles, New Orleans to a documentary all about dirt.  Famous actors and actresses such as Susan Sarandon, Terrence Howard and Maggie Gyllenhaal host the show.  You can use the film clips in your classroom to teach the film or to introduce various topics that might not be discussed regularly.
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History of Jazz - Grades K-5
You can use this site to teach students about jazz music, the musicians who made jazz great, and the history of the whole movement.  You can you the activities on the site to make your students interested in the history of jazz.  Students can even join part of a band!
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Literature, Mystery - Middle and High School
Masterpiece turns classic literature into engaging films and television shows.  You can use the feature films in your lesson plans to teach students about different pieces of literature such as The Diary of Anne Frank and Jane Eyre.  This site also has learning links to further help students as well as literary/author timelines.
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All Subjects, Documentary format - Grades 6-12
P.O.V. is a series of documentaries on controversial subjects filmed with a point of view.  Topics range from immigration to health care to the food industry.  You can use full episodes in the P.O.V series to teach your students about current events and issues in the world outside school walls.
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