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Great PerformancesGreat Performances
Performing Arts - Grades 4-12
Great Performances is a television program that represents all aspects of the Performing Arts.  Lesson plans with video clips can give your students an exciting look into the performing arts.  Plays of the famous novels, such as Hamlet, classical music performances, like Peter & the Wolf, and music festivals, like Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival, can all come alive in your classroom!
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Great Word Quest

Grades 1-3
The PBS Kids Go! Great Word Quest is a site dedicated to helping children after kindergarten further their reading and language arts knowledge.  Each child joins a team and then plays interactive games to solve quests using phonics, vocabulary and other important skills.  This site also has a Child Progress Tracker that allows parents and teachers to see how students are progressing in each subject.


Literature, Mystery - Middle and High School
Masterpiece turns classic literature into engaging films and television shows.  You can use the feature films in your lesson plans to teach students about different pieces of literature such as The Diary of Anne Frank and Jane Eyre.  This site also has learning links to further help students as well as literary/author timelines.
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Meet The AuthorMeet the Author
30 minute programs, PD&D Rights
From its inception, the Fairfax Network’s Meet the Author series has served to promote literacy and an interest in reading and writing by giving students direct access to authors who share their personal stories, offer their writing tips, and encourage students to “keep reading, keep writing, keep dreaming.”  During half-hour interactive programs, authors describe their approach to the writing process, talk about character development, and sometimes share a sneak peek at their books not yet published.  During live programs, students call in with questions, inspiring lively and impromptu responses from the authors.

PBS Kids Go! Writers ContestPBS Kids Go! Writers Contest
Grades K-5
The PBS Kids Go! Writers Contest encourages kids grades K-5 to get creative and have fun with writing.  The contest starts in January and children can submit their stories to their local sponsoring stations.  WHRO accepts local entries and then sends the best to the PBS National contest for grades K-3.  The judges pick winners based on unique writing and imaginative illustrations!
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PBS Kids Island
PBS Kids Island
Grades PreK-K
PBS Kids Island is an interactive and fun way to help young kids learn to acquire the reading and language art skills that they need to be successful in the future. Kids Island offers games, stories, and reading activities for children to do with their favorite PBS characters. The site also has a Child Progress Tracker that allows parents and teachers to see how students are progressing in each subject.

Reading RainbowReading Rainbow
Reading Rainbow, hosted by LeVar Burton, is a critically-acclaimed award-winning half-hour PBS series that turns children onto books and reading.  The series targets 4-8 year olds, and is based on research that identifies these early years as the optimum time for children to learn to read and to adopt positive reading habits, skills and attitudes.
All shows and segments are available to stream or download in WHRO's eMediaVA.

R U There?R U There?
Reading - Grades 2-4
The intention of the R U There? adventure is to immerse kids in a world of adventure where learning happens as part of the action and where their decisions actually affect the environment around them. The curricular focus of R U There? is on the development of reading comprehension skills, the acquisition of vocabulary and an understanding of word morphology for 8-year-old Title 1 learners.  Learning will take place across a variety of media types – all fully integrated into a linear adventure experience in which the player becomes a hero.