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Fizzy’s Lunch Lab
Health and Nutrition - Grades 1-4
Fizzy’s Lunch Lab is a web show about nutrition and healthy eating.  Each week, the site releases a new episode that you can show to your class to help them understand the importance of eating the right foods.  Each episode and topic has a corresponding lesson plan that has video, activities and even recipes for your students!
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Get Your Web License
Internet Safety - Elementary
This web game helps students learn what to do and what not to do on the internet.  You can navigate your class through the map while teaching about internet safety tips that can help your students be safe and knowledgeable in the future.

It’s My Life
Life Issues - Middle School
This site helps your students express their opinions about topics such as family life, emotions and body image.  The site provides discussion questions and lesson plans that can help you talk to your students about serious problems like bullies, drug abuse and eating disorders.  The site can give you ways to talk to your students about the topics that have now started to come into their lives.
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Kids World Sports
Sports - Grades 1- 7
This website teaches kids all they want to know about different sports.  The site gives information on various sports around the world along with vocabulary that the particular sport uses.  The games can be fun for your students to play in their free time or if they are learning about sports in the classroom.
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Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

Learning about self and the world - Grades PreK- K
Mister Rogers along with his puppet friends and neighbors help children build self-esteem and learn about the world around them.  The site has activities that you can play with your students to encourage them to be themselves.  You can also find tips on this site to help young children with life’s problems such as being scared of the dark, sharing, and even serious topics like divorce.
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