For Educators by Educators

Curious George - Physical science, observation, categorization and life science.

  • Cows Don’t Quack - Match the animal sounds to the correct animal. (Grades PreK-2)
  • Feed Gnocci - Tilt ramps to help put the meatballs on the plate. (Grades PreK-2)
  • Snapshot - Take pictures of the right objects to help George build a photo album. (Grades PreK-2)

Design Squad -
Design & invention, motion & forces, and physical science.

  • Fidgets - Design, build and share puzzles while you learn about motion and forces. (Grades K-5)

Dragonfly TV
- Gravity.

  • Planetary Rescue Squad - Discover the relationship between gravitational forces and mass, the changes in speed and direction of objects and the distance between objects. Adjust the force and angle of a launcher and deliver packages to space colonists. (Grades 3-8)

Eeko House
 - Environment.

  • Eeko House - Identify things to do around the house that help the environment. (Grades K-5)

Sid The Science Kid
 - Life science, physical science and natural science.

  • Mystery Lunchbox - Explore decay and mold using Sid’s lunchbox. (Grades PreK-2)
  • Say What? - Practice listening skills by matching sounds with the animals that make them. Explore animal sounds in English and Spanish. (Grades PreK)

Wild Kratts
 - Wildlife science.

  • Go Nuts! - Gather nuts to score points and scare away bluejays to keep them from stealing your nuts.
  • Caracal Leap - Pounce at your prey to collect points.
  • Firefly Flash - Memorize the flashing patterns and duplicate them.
  • Go Cheetah, Go! - Race to the finish against other cheetahs. Win and gain skill points to level up abilities.
  • Kickboxing Kangaroo - Fight against rival kangaroos.
  • Draco Glide - Glide from tree to tree through hoops to collect points. Avoid the snakes!
  • Ride On, Ramora - Swim to the ocean surface to win by attaching to different sea creatures along the way or risk losing your health.
  • Habitat Rescue Game - Unlocked only after beating the previous games, use your newfound creature skills to rescue your friends.
  • Habitats - Free-roam through different habitats, including: Ocean, North American Forest, African Savannah, Indonesian Rainforest, and Australian Outback.