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Science, Grades 4- 6
DragonflyTV explains science and technology in a fun, new way while highlighting the importance of community outreach.  This site has teacher guides written by the National Science Teacher’s Association that you can use to get your students excited about science.  There are tons of topics your students can discover and a lot of experiments to help engage their minds.
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Science, Ecology - Grades K-4
Eekoworld is a website dedicated to the environment and going green.  The activities on the site focus on students making their own creatures and how the choices your students make affect their environment.  The site also has lesson plans with activities that help your students learn about the environment and how to protect it.
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The Greens
Going Green - Elementary
The Greens is a web show about sustainability and how to protect the environment.  The Greens covers everything from composting to doing laundry in a greener fashion.  You can download an activity guide that accompanies the webisodes and help your students do green projects in the classroom or in your community.
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Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies
The Natural World, Wildlife, African Culture - Pre-School
Mama Mirabelle is an elephant that loves to teach children about wildlife.  You can find activities that go with each episode to share with your class.  The site also has video clips, interactive games and activities your students will love.
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Wildlife, Science
Nature features videos of wildlife and science that you can use in the classroom.  Full videos and behind the scenes footage give students an exciting view on what happens in the outside world.
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NOVA is dedicated to science and related fields of study.  It has resources to help you include video and suggested discussion questions in your classroom units and activities.  All videos can be incorporated into the curriculum and meet the correct standards.
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Science, Forensics, Math, Engineering, Technology
NOVA ScienceNOW is an extension of NOVA that focuses solely on the subject of science. You can use these videos to help your students explore the worlds of dinosaurs, physics, oceans and tons of other science topics. The vibrant videos of NOVA ScienceNOW make students eager and excited to learn!
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Science, Technology, Engineering, Math - Tween Girls, Grades 4- 8
This site is aimed at teaching science and math to adolescent girls.  It has games, projects and activities that you can integrate into your own classroom.  Lesson plans for projects ranging from caves to music and sounds to dinosaurs can be used to help your students understand concepts and find the excitement in learning.
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Science, Engineering - Elementary
This site shows students and teachers the fun of learning science and engineering.  You can use the experiment guides, recipes and arts and crafts pages to do fun activities in your classroom.  Zoom makes subjects like chemistry, life science and physics easy and fun for kids to understand and learn!
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