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Africa For Kids
African Culture - Grades 3-12
This site can help you teach students about African culture.  The site has picture diaries of four different schools in Africa that show how students go through a typical day.  Students can also make African masks and learn about African folklore while highschool students can benefit from some of the lesson plans.
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African American World For Kids

African American Culture, History - Grades 3-12
This teacher site has many lesson plans dedicated to teaching African American history and culture.  Lessons and video range from Harriet Tubman and slavery to Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights movement.
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American Experience
History - Middle/High School
American Experience takes meaningful parts of history and transforms it into a documentary.  The shows include topics from Martin Luther King’s assassination to the Polio Outbreak of the 1950s to the destructive hurricane of 1938.  Each video makes history come alive and includes resources to help you incorporate these topics into your lesson plans.  Each video is also paired with practice questions, activities and assessments that can be used in the classroom.
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American Experience: Way Back
U.S. History - Elementary
The Way Back site teaches kids about history in a fun way.  Subjects from elections to flight are covered on the site and can help your students learn history.
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American Masters
Artist Bibliographies (Art and History) - Grades 6-12
The American Masters documentaries examine the lives, works and creative processes of our most outstanding cultural artists.  From Charlie Chaplin to The Doors to Billie Holiday, American Masters teaches what culture and art means to America.  The site includes detailed lesson plans about how you can use the documentary films for units in the classroom.  All the lessons meet multiple standards and show students why the arts matter.
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Antiques Roadshow
Material Culture, History - Middle/High School
Antiques Roadshow can be used to teach students about material culture and how tangible things can give insight on the culture of a society and what items they considered important.  Each episode reaches NCSS standards and can be used in different curriculums.
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Current Events - Elementary
This site is a photographic news site that covers current events from around the world in a very simple and easy to understand format.  The site is updated twice a week and can be a great resource for your students to use to learn what's going on in the world.  Pictures from the site can be used as a segue into a topic you want to discuss in more depth.

Colonial Williamsburg Electronic Field Trips
American History - Grades 4-8
Teach American history with the new Electronic Field Trip season.  These live, interactive lessons explore the contentious election of 1800, Native American relations, music in 18th-century culture, the slave trade, the mercantile system, and how apprentices became tradesmen.  Schools registered with Colonial Williamsburg have the right to make a tape of the program and keep it in perpetuity.  Schools not registered with Colonial Williamsburg have fair use rights – use for 10 days and erase within 45.

The Constitution and Executive Power
Middle/High School
60 minute program, PD&D Rights
Explore the constitution and executive power.  Historical interpreters in the roles of Martha Washington, Abigail Adams and Dolly Madison will discuss their roles as the first First Ladies.

Democracy Project
2008 Presidential Election, Government - Grades 1- 3
The Democracy Project website focuses on the 2008 Presidential election but it can also help you explain to your class about different aspects of the government.  There are sections about voting, what you have to do to be president, and explains how the government helps students.

Don’t Buy It
Media and Advertising - Grades 3-5
This site is dedicated to help kids know how to debunk the myths of advertising.  Sections of the site go behind-the-scenes of favorite topics, such as entertainment and food, and shows how media sometimes tricks society.

Current News - High School
Frontline is a current news documentary style show.  Most of the programs have extensive lesson plans for you that go with each program.  The full video for the lesson plan can be viewed on this site.
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History Detectives
History - Grades 6-12
History Detectives take the mysteries of the past and make them come alive.  This group of detectives unfolds the truth about history through investigation.  You can use the lesson plans to show students how to be historical detectives and how to go about searching for the truth through a structured manner.
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History Detectives Kids
History - Elementary
History Detectives Kids partners with the adult show and lets kids have an interactive outlet to test what they have learned.  There are online games and opportunities to make a profile and structure their own personal History Detectives site.  There are downloadable items such as journals and bookmarks as well as booklists for mystery readers that you can share with your students!
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Independent Lens
All Subjects - Grades 7-12, College Students
Independent Lens is a series of independent documentaries and dramas with subjects ranging from the Vietnamese population in Versailles, New Orleans to a documentary all about dirt.  Famous actors and actresses such as Susan Sarandon, Terrence Howard and Maggie Gyllenhaal host the show.  You can use the film clips in your classroom to teach the film or to introduce various topics that might not be discussed regularly.
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History of Jazz - Grades K-5
You can use this site to teach students about jazz music, the musicians who made jazz great, and the history of the jazz movement.  Students can even join in and be part of the band!
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Mission US
American History, Grades 5-8
Take young learners on a virtual adventure into American history with Mission US, a revolutionary multimedia project.  Mission US is a free, new interactive adventure game series designed to improve the understanding of American history by students in grades 5 through 8.  The website includes a vast suite of classroom resources.

Need To Know
Current Events - Middle/High School
Need to Know is a site dedicated to current news happenings.  You can view articles, full episodes and video clips on different topics that can be used to enlighten students in the classroom.  Some of the topics covered include economy, health, security, culture and the environment.

The NewsHour
Current Events - Grades 7-12
The NewsHour site offers students and teachers, grade 7-12, an opportunity to become aware of current events through media.  Hundreds of videos with topics ranging from oil spills to music festivals enlighten students about what is going on in today’s world.  This site also gives students a chance to submit and watch movies made by students.
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Not For Ourselves Alone
Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton - Grades 3-6
This site is dedicated to the lives of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.  These women made a substantial contribution to history and you can use this site and the activities to explain to your students about their accomplishments.
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Postcards From Buster
Traveling, Cultures, English Language - Elementary
Buster, Arthur’s friend, has decided to travel around the world and teach young children about the traditions, languages and cultures of various countries.  You can use the lesson plans, resources and video clips on the site to teach your students about cultures around the world.  The site also has great lessons for English Language Learners.
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Documentaries - Grades 6-12
P.O.V. is a series of documentaries on controversial subjects filmed with a point of view.  Topics range from immigration to health care to the food industry.  You can use full episodes in the P.O.V series to teach your students about current events and issues in the world outside school walls.
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Shaping the Presidency
Grades 8-12
30 minute program, PD&D Rights 
A guest panel looks back at how Washington had a profound impact on defining the office of the president and discuss how campaigning, the election process and the role of the media affected early presidential candidacies, and how those influences have evolved.

Teen Kids News
Current Events - Middle/High School
Teen Kids News is directed at middle school and high school students.  Educational topics and important issues are presented by teens on the show for teens in the classroom to better relate.  You can use this program to help your students learn about the news at a pace that is appropriate for them.

Wilson & Ditch: Digging America
Geography, United States Landmarks
The gopher brothers, Wilson and Ditch, travel in a van across the United States to learn about the 50 states and what is special to each one.  You can use the activities and webisodes offered on this site to make learning about geography, diversity and the landmarks of America more stimulating for your students.  Since you can’t drive your students across the country, these gophers can make the trip for you.
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