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Lure Of The Labyrinth
Online Pre-Algebra Game - Grades 5-8
Lure of the Labyrinth is an online pre-algebra middle school math game developed to reach today's tech-savvy students in a contemporary new way. The latest research in game theory and cutting-edge design was used to produce a powerful, free learning tool to help all students learn regardless of their math ability.

Math By Design
Algebra I and II - Grades 6-10
Students become virtual junior architects of two interactive environments, Flossville Town Park and Windjammer Environmental Center, to build a skateboard ramp, cover a picnic area, dig out a pond and more.  As students work their way through mind-boosting challenges, they use critical thinking and problem solving skills to increase their knowledge of geometry and measurement concepts.  Real-life Math in Action videos embedded in the interactive demonstrate how math is used in everyday life from decorating cakes to designing landscapes or creating beautiful sculptures.

Science, Forensics, Math, Engineering, Technology - Grades 3-12
NOVA scienceNOW is an extension of NOVA that focuses solely on the subject of science.  You can use these videos to help your students explore the worlds of dinosaurs, physics, oceans and tons of other science topics.  The vibrant videos of NOVA scienceNOW make students eager and excited to learn!
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Grades 6-8
Give students a ticket to ride!  ProportionLand invites middle school students to reason their way through eight brain-boosting interactive attractions at a virtual amusement park. As students hop on and enjoy the rides, they explore and apply proportional reasoning skills to solve a variety of science-based, real world problems. Follow the “5E” learning cycle―to engage, explore, explain, extend and evaluate―roller coasters, an electric car, a parachute drop and more to gain a deeper understanding of distance, weight, balance, energy, and force.

Rock-N-Roll Road Trip World Tour
Grades 6-8
Let your students get their passports and pack their bags!  Rock-N-Roll Road Trip World Tour lets your students and their bands jet off on a rock-n-roll world tour to five high-spirited cities to solve real-life problems using measurement, ratio, fractions and proportion.  Learn the relationship between music and math and how to build a concert stage while traveling through Barcelona, London, Paris, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo.

Scale City
Proportional Reasoning - Grades 6-8
Let you students escape for a day!  Take them on a virtual road trip through Kentucky to learn about the mathematics of scale as you explore eight exciting roadside attractions, including the Louisville Slugger Museum, a chicken festival, and a horse park.  A short video field trip and an engaging, interactive simulation at each stop along the road help students understand proportional reasoning in real-world applications.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Math - Tween Girls Grades 3-8
This site is aimed at teaching science and math to adolescent girls and has games, projects and activities that you can integrate into your own classroom.  Lesson plans for projects ranging from caves to music & sounds to dinosaurs can be used to help your students understand concepts and find the excitement in learning.
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Science and Engineering - Elementary
This site shows students and teachers the fun of learning science and engineering.  You can use the experiment guides, recipes, and arts & craft pages to do fun activities in your classroom.  Zoom makes subjects like chemistry, life science and physics easy and fun for kids to understand and learn!
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