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The GapThe Perfect Face.  Can you buy it?

One of our societal problems is the increasing gap between rich and poor.  Unfortunately, this gap will continue to widen as technology enables incredible medical advances, all at a huge price tag to the consumer. 

Look into the future, not so many years from now…  The person who will be able to financially afford it will:

1. Live much longer than today’s 80sh year average span, possibly up to 200+ years
2.  Live with new (or replaced) tissue, organs, joints, whole body systems (including the brain)
3.  Rarely, or never suffer diseases
4.  Have the “perfect” face, voice, and body of their choice

The future new technological innovations of genetic mapping/engineering, robotic Micro / macro surgery, bionic micromanipulation on a cellular level (as well as on a large scale level), miracle surgical “makeovers”… facial replacements (whole dental, jaw, skull, tooth, ear, eye…)will all be commonplace procedures, (including on fetuses if required).

The babies of the elite portion of the population will be completely genetically engineered to please the whims of the parents.  All possible/probable genetic disease will be eliminated.  This procedure will require invitro fertilization.  An artificial surrogate “mother” will be readily available, if required.

Super nutrition and supplements will be widely available to those who can pay the extra cost.  (We currently see the differences in price today between healthier organic foods, and “regular” lower priced diets.)  The difference will grow increasingly larger, with the super foods being grown hydroponically infused with macro nutritious fluids.

The problem of wealth vs. poverty will become more apparent as technology advances.  The rich will buy their way to a healthy, beautiful life.  Unfortunately, those who cannot afford the outrageous price tags attached to good health, and everlasting beauty will suffer the natural consequences of the human condition.

Written by Carol G. Smith