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2010 Writers Contest Winners

PBS Kids GO! Writers Contest

Open to students in kindergarten through fifth grade, stories were judged on originality, creative expression, storytelling and integration of illustrations. One first place and one honorable mention winner were chosen from each grade level.

Watch the 2010 WHRO Young Storytellers Awards Show
Angie Callahan interviews the 2010 winners about their stories:

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Here are the WHRO Young Storytellers for 2010!


First Place
Charlotte Toomey
"Benny The Dragon"
Larchmont Elementary, Norfolk

Honorable Mention
Brandt Gregory
"The Lost Coin"
Tidewater Academy, Wakefield


First Place
Skylar Bennett
"Kids Meet An Alien"
Home Schooled, Williamsburg

Honorable Mention
Utitofon Ekanem
"If I Had A Kitten"
W. H. Taylor Elementary, Norfolk


First Place
Elise Bale
"Terra's Promise"
Chincoteague Elementary, Chincoteague

Honorable Mention
McKenzie Phillips
"The Elephant Who Knocked On Steve's Door"
Ocean Lakes Elementary, Virginia Beach


First Place
Michael Gazzanigo
"The Magnet Who Lost Magnetism"
Creekside Elementary, Suffolk

Honorable Mention
Chelsea Rodi
"Waddles The Duck"
Larchmont Elementary, Norfolk


First Place
Jacob DuBeau
"The Magic Refrigerator"
Larchmont Elementary, Norfolk

Honorable Mention
Shyesha James
"I Want To Be A Cat"
Crossroads, Norfolk


First Place
Ivy Jackman
"My New Best Friend"
Matthew Whaley Elementary, Williamsburg

Honorable Mention
Meg Urban
"The Hard Hearted Rabbit"
Larchmont Elementary, Norfolk

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